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How Do I Know When To Replace My Chimney Liner?

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, tests show that heat moves rapidly through unlined chimneys, putting them at a much higher risk of fire and combustion-related damage. Many modern building and fire codes now mandate the installation of a chimney liner because of rising concerns over safety and performance. However, many people neglect... Read more

Does My Chimney Need a Liner?

Whether you’re new to owning a chimney or a seasoned veteran, there’s always something new to learn to keep your fireplace running safely and efficiently. At Mercer County Chimney Service, you can call us for all of your fireplace and chimney needs. In this article, we look at your chimney liner and answer whether you... Read more

How Chimney Components Protect Your System

  When we think of a chimney, we think of the tall brick structure. But chimneys are more than just masonry. They’re built with a variety of components that work together to keep your chimney safe and operating at its best. Mercer County Chimney Services of Hamilton Township, NJ, presents a brief overview of these... Read more

Tips to Ensure Your Chimney is Ready for Cold Weather

On a recent trip to the mall, I noticed something I hadn’t seen in quite some time. It was full of shoppers stocking up on winter clothes in preparation for the upcoming cold weather. I wasn’t surprised, though. New Jerseyans know that winters can be long, typically lasting from October until April. So, while you’re... Read more

The Dangers of a Chimney & Fireplace that Aren’t Inspected

Almost all the trouble caused by chimney damage and malfunction every year could be prevented if the homeowners scheduled annual chimney inspections by a licensed chimney technician. If you’ve never had a chimney inspection, here are some benefits you should know about. Reduce the chances of a chimney fire You can’t see inside your chimney... Read more

Is Your Fireplace Safe? Here’s how to Find Out

Annual fireplace and chimney inspections are a critical element of fireplace safety. In between inspections, there are several things you can watch for that will clue you in to a possible problem with your fireplace or chimney (or gas fireplace venting system). Quality of flames A wood fireplace should produce a clean, robust flame that... Read more

Do You Have These 7 Common Chimney Problems

Back in 1736, Benjamin Franklin coined the catchy phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” to promote fire prevention. That statement rings true today and is why we encourage annual chimney inspections and cleanings to every homeowner in Princeton, NJ, and surrounding communities. In fact, fire prevention is the number one... Read more

Can I prevent creosote buildup?

As homeowners in Mercer County are getting ready to light the fireplace for the winter season, many are unaware of a hidden danger. It’s called creosote. Creosote is a natural substance created during the combustion of wood and other fuels. The problem with creosote is that it continues to buildup layer upon layer with every... Read more

The Importance of Maintaining Masonry Chimneys

When it comes to chimney and fireplace maintenance, special considerations should be made for those made of masonry materials. The winters in New Jersey can be pretty frigid; therefore, you need a chimney that you can trust is functional and safe. Not only can you risk your family’s comfort, but your health can be at... Read more

Keep Your Fireplace Clean & Safe

There is nothing better than a fireplace to keep warm during the cold New Jersey winter nights. However, before you light up the fireplace, make sure that it is clean and safe to use. Some of the essential chimney and fireplace maintenance comes between the times that a professional chimney sweep visits your home. There... Read more