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Preparing Your Fireplace During the Summer

It’s summer, which means warm temperatures and lots of time spent outside; it also means that you won’t use your fireplace until the chilly nights return in Autumn. So how do you prepare your fireplace for use in the summer? Here are some helpful tips that will keep your fireplace in good shape until you’re ready to use it again.

Chimney Services Hightstown, NJHave Your Chimney Inspected

Having your chimney inspected before you shut it down for the summer makes a lot of sense. Now is the time to schedule an annual cleaning and inspection with Mercer County Chimney Services. Our chimney sweeps are CSIA and NFI certified, so in the cleaning and inspection process, if they discover any issues that require repair, they can fix them now, not in the heart of winter when the impact will be much more sharply felt. So, before you close up your fireplace, schedule an annual inspection and cleaning with us this summer so your fireplace will be ready to go when you need it.

Clean Your Firebox

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you know that a lot of ash and charred wood can build up in the bottom of its firebox. Use a vacuum to suck up all the waste in the bottom of the firebox. Cleaning your firebox can cause dust to become airborne, so allergy sufferers would be wise to use a mask and goggles while cleaning their firebox.

Prepping Gas Fireplaces

The first step in cleaning any glass fireplace is to be sure the gas valve is turned off. Give the glass time to cool off if you use your fireplace. Next, remove the face of the fireplace and remove the glass assembly (follow instructions in the owners’ manual), and lay it on a soft surface that won’t cause it to crack. Use a cloth to clean both sides of the glass; use a cleaner made for fireplaces. Once you’re done cleaning the fireplace, put the glass back in place.

Make sure you shut off the gas and turn off the pilot light. Shutting off the gas ensures the fumes don’t enter your home and cause an incident. You also ensure your gas bill will be lower by not needlessly expending gas when not in use.

Make Sure Your Damper is Shut

Closing the damper on your fireplace during the summer makes sense for two reasons. First, it lowers your air conditioning bill by not letting hot air enter your home and keeping cool air from escaping. The second reason it makes sense to keep your fireplace’s damper closed is to keep rain, leaves, pine needles, and wildlife from finding their way inside.

Chimney Inspection Trenton, NJMercer County Chimney Service is the Best Choice for Preparing Your Fireplace for Summer

Mercer County Chimney Service can help you prepare for summer by inspecting and repairing your fireplace and chimney. Be sure your fireplace and chimney will be in good shape when you need them in the Autumn.

Our certified chimney experts will inspect your fireplace and chimney for any required repairs. Make summer the time we clean and inspect your chimney annually. Call us at 609-802-5288 now or contact us online. One of our chimney experts will discuss inspecting, cleaning, and possibly repairing your fireplace. Please don’t wait until you need your fireplace to have it and your chimney inspected.