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Chimney Sweep Services in Hamilton, NJ & Mercer County

Enjoy the ambiance of a warm fireplace or stove in the cooler months and rest easy that your chimney system and venting is working properly. Safety is a primary concern when it comes to Annual Chimney Inspection and Cleaning. Lack of proper maintenance can result in chimney fires. We are the experts when it comes to chimney repairs, chimney liners, chimney cleaning, chimney caps, chimney crowns and more.

You can also trust the licensed and insured technicians at Mercer County Chimney Services to install new fireplaces, stoves and inserts for the most efficient heating value.

Chimney inspections are required for many real estate transactions and we can offer a Level 1 or Level 2 Inspection that will identify any potential deficiencies and allow you to repair your chimney, stove or fireplace bringing it up to code.

Proper venting is a big issue especially when installing a new hot water heater or furnace. We are fully trained to examine your venting requirements and install the proper system to allow the safest solution.