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Chimney Sweep & Chimney Inspection Services

Mercer County Chimney Services is Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) Certified and a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). Our fully licensed, insured and trained chimney technicians handle chimney sweeping and cleaning and tough chimney problems including tuckpointing, chimney construction, chimney venting, chimney pipe, chimney crown repair, chimney cap installation, chimney chase cover, chimney liner replacement or repair, leaky chimney repairs, fireplace restorations, chimney restoration, masonry services, chimney damper repairs, smoky chimneys, smelly chimneys, loose mortar on chimney and any other chimney or fireplace services you need.

We service factory-built fireplaces & masonry fireplaces, gas and wood stoves and wood burning and gas burning fireplace inserts. Count on us to help keep your family & home both warm & safe by maintaining your chimney system.

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Chimney Cleaning

In order to keep a chimney operating efficiently and safely, a chimney sweep is critical and should be done annually. Our trained technicians focus on removing creosote and any other obstructions that may be hiding within your chimney system.

Creosote builds up inside released into your home. Leaves, twigs, animal nests and other clots can create this problem. One of the worst problems chimney blockage can cause is carbon monoxide being forced into the house, which proves fatal to those living inside.

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Chimney Inspection

Our chimney sweep technicians are capable of performing all 3 levels of chimney inspections as defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). It is important to evaluate the integrity of your chimney and discover whether the installation and chimney system are up to par with current safety standards. As early indicators of chimney damage may be difficult for home-owners to spot, an inspection is recommended annually. Our CSIA-certified chimney techs have the tools at their disposal examine each part of the chimney to ensure that it is all in working order and to inform the homeowner if repairs are necessary.

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Chimney Repairs

Mercer County Chimney Services do far more than just chimney sweeps. We are capable of fulfilling any of your chimney’s needs, including repairing the many types of damage that can be found in the chimney system.

Chimney Linings

Fireplaces, stoves, and furnaces use chimney linings to protect the inner walls of the chimney and house from the heat of burning fuel. They also help prevent carbon monoxide from escaping through the walls of the chimney. Chimney linings can be repaired or replaced.

Chase Tops

The chase top acts to keep rain and debris from falling into the

Chimney Caps

Caps act like a hat to protect the chimney flue from the elements and debris.

Chimney Flashing and chimney waterproofing

Chimney Leaks and Waterproofing

Leaky chimneys can cause water damage to both the chimney and your house. Leaky chimneys need to be repaired to stop this damage from becoming worse. We can also waterproof chimneys to prevent this problem from occurring.


Flashing are the plates that cover the area where the chimney meets the roof. Broken flashing may be causing leaks and water damage and should be repaired or replaced.

Masonry Repair

The masonry is the brick or stone and mortar that the chimney is built from. If the masonry is crumbling, eroding, or damaged should be repaired to ensure the integrity of your chimney.

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Chimney Rebuilding

In the worst cases, where a chimney has become damaged to the point that minor repairs will not be enough, rebuilding is needed. Masonry is what supports the chimney, and a full or partial rebuild is sometimes necessary to ensure the stability of the structure.

Brick Repair and Tuckpointing

Worn out and deteriorated chimney masonry joints can cause bricks and sections of the chimney to fall away. Tuckpointing is the process by which gaps are filled with mortar to prevent further damage.

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crowns are the tops of chimneys that cover the flue. Crowns protect chimneys from moisture damage. We can seal cracked crowns and rebuild seriously damaged ones.

Call Us for More Information at 609-802-5288 for chimney sweep services or chimney repair. Mercer County Chimney Services operate in cities across the county, including Plainsboro NJ, Ewing NJ, Princeton NJ and Bordentown NJ.