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Gas Fireplace Insert Repair Service

Gas insert repair in Trenton NJ

Open fireplaces are lovely, but they can be difficult to maintain, messy and are hardly efficient. Most heat in a wood burning fireplace travels out through the chimney, with only 5%-10% actually heating the home. Instead of having to worry about starting a fire, keeping it going by throwing more fuel onto it, and cleaning out the soot and ashes, simplify the whole system by installing a gas fireplace insert. Your heating efficiency will improve tremendously, and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of maintaining and cleaning a wood fire again.

Gas Insert Installations

A gas fireplace insert installs directly into the opening of an open fireplace, fitting perfectly inside. The insert creates flames with natural gas or liquid propane. This type of fuel burning requires very little maintenance other than a yearly checkup just to ensure everything is functioning properly. Very few fireplaces are as quick & convenient, as gas inserts are clean burning & able to warm a space without the hassle or mess of a wood fire.

Gas inserts come in a large variety of styles, customizable to your preferences. Choose between types of faux log sets, fireglass, liners, doors, and faceplates to create a look that suits your needs and tastes. Gas inserts allow you to control the intensity and size of the flame, temperature, and accent lighting from a panel on an adjacent wall or from a distance with a remote control. A comforting and realistic fire will appear in your fireplace after just the push of a button, making a gas insert the easiest-to-use fireplace. No longer will you have to find wood, build a fire and struggle to light it and maintain that flame for hours afterward if you want it to burn. With gas inserts, the flame burns steadily and is easy to light.

Gas insert install in Hightstown NJEfficient Gas Fireplace Inserts

Not only are gas inserts convenient and beautiful, they also provide heat much more efficiently than an open fireplace. While most of an open fireplace’s heat escapes up through the chimney. A fireplace insert is designed to push the heat out into the house. This is achieved by the design of the insert which includes a variable speed fan which blows heat out of the fireplace and into the room. This extra heat from the gas fireplace will help cut your heating bills by warming more of your house than an open fireplace ever could.

When installing a gas fireplace insert, you will have to choose between propane fuel or natural gas burning versions. Our professional technicians can help you decide which of these fuels is best for your home. Either version offers efficient heat and the ease of use that can only come from a gas insert. When you see how beautiful your new fireplace looks and how easy it is to use, it will become clear exactly why gas fireplace inserts have become so popular.

Installation of a gas fireplace insert requires specific knowledge in order to fit it perfectly into the fireplace. It is important to purchase an insert from professionals that know how to properly install the hardware. Our fully trained, licensed and insured technicians offer their pro installation service, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that the job was well done.

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