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Chimney Waterproofing & Leak Prevention

Water can cause serious damage to chimneys over time, so it is often better to take preventative measures instead of paying for repairs down the line. Save your future self both time and money by taking the time now to ensure your chimney is safe from water damage.

chimney waterproofing in Lawrence Township NJAs brick is porous, moisture can seep inside and erode the structure. Even if stone is used in the chimney instead of brick, the water can still have a negative impact by deteriorating the mortar binding the stones together. Moisture in the chimney will expand and contract as it freezes and thaws, causing the chimney’s condition to deteriorate. Even concrete, steel, and metal chimneys can crack with time in adverse weather conditions, allowing moisture to seep in. In wood burning chimneys, water that seeps in can mix with creosote to create a foul stench in your home as well. Other problems that arise due to moisture seeping into the chimney include spalling, efflorescence, and erosion.

Best Chimney Leak Prevention

Mercer County Chimney services provide waterproofing to prevent damage caused by moisture. Our trained, certified, and insured technicians can apply water repellant to the outside of your chimney to protect it from future expensive water damage. If there is any damage in the structure already, it should be repaired before waterproofing can be done to ensure a complete seal.

Efflorescence is an ugly looking white stain that can appear on the outside of your chimney due to moisture entering the chimney and mixing with soluble salts present in some types of masonry. The stains on your chimney are usually white, but can also come in shades of green or other hues depending on the minerals present in the masonry. These stains can appear fuzzy, fluffy, or like a crystallized powder. The presence of Efflorescence is one of the easiest-to-read indicators that moisture has entered your chimney masonry.

Spalling is another type of damage that can occur due to moisture infiltrating a chimney. When temperatures shift between freezing and thawing, bricks that are saturated with moisture can separate from the masonry of your chimney and fall from the structure. This can be a dangerous problem if not dealt with in a timely fashion.

chimney crown sealer in West Windsor NJ

Erosion can happen to bricks that are soaked with water. Water can deteriorate the bricks in your chimney until the structure begins to fall apart. When this deterioration is noticed, it should be taken care of right away to ensure the integrity of the chimney structure.

Leakage can cause these problems as well as a host of other issues like, deteriorated firebox assembly, water-stained ceilings and walls, rusted fireplace, deteriorated central heating system, cracked flue lining, collapsed hearth support or even a tilted or collapsed chimney structure.

Even the toughest chimneys can deteriorate when pitted against the forces of nature. Protecting your chimney from water can go a long way to keeping it healthy and more sustainable long into the future.

If your chimney needs waterproofing or repair, call us at 609-802-5288. Mercer County Chimney Services operate in cities across the county, including Hamilton NJ, Lawrenceville NJ, Chesterfield NJ and Allentown NJ.