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Freestanding Stove & Heating Stove Service

wood burning stove service in Pennington NJ

Those in need of providing a little extra heat to their home or who just want the experience of relaxing by a fire in their living room should consider the benefits of adding a wood or gas stove to their home. Free-standing stoves have become popular among many homeowners for their high heat output and overall efficiency. Stoves can provide a high amount of zone heat to your house, which will mean your furnace will not have to provide as much warmth to your home during the cold winter months, ultimately lowering your heating costs. Not only will the stoves add to your overall heat efficiency, but they also function as a heat source if you should ever lose power during the cold winter months. Mercer County Chimney Services is able to install a variety of stoves that will add beauty and warmth to your home.

Choosing whether to install a stove instead of a fireplace or other heating appliance might be a tough choice, but our team of fully trained, licensed and insured technicians will be able to aid you in deciding if a stove is right for you. We can assist you in choosing between wood and gas options as well. Mercer County Chimney Services has been operating in the area for over ten years, and is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and we are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). Whatever
your free-standing stove, fireplace, fireplace insert, or chimney needs, we have you covered.

Wood Stoves

For those who value the traditional, nostalgic sound of a crackling wood fire and the smell of burning embers, there is nothing quite like a real wood fire burning in their living room. Besides the classic feel, there are many reasons to choose a wood stove over a gas stove. Wood is a fuel that burns hot and economically, leaving no carbon footprint on the environment. Wood is not a fossil fuel, and it is a renewable resource. Not only will you be able to bring the comfort of a real wood fire into your home in a way that provides efficient heat, but you will have confidence in your knowledge that you are being kind to the environment.

Gas Heating Stove in Trenton NJGas Burning Stoves

Gas stoves have many of the same benefits as wood stoves, but they also have the advantage of being simple to use. With a gas stove, you will have the efficient heat of a controlled fire in your home, but you will not have to deal with the hassles of chopping or buying wood and storing it, lighting a wood fire, or cleaning up ashes. Gas fires are lit as simply as pushing a button or flipping a switch, either with a thermostat or a remote control. Just like wood stoves, gas stoves are a highly efficient heat source, capable of providing heat to your home even during power outages.

Gas & Wood Burning Stove Installation

If you are looking to install a wood or gas stoves, have questions about whether or not a free-standing stove is right for your home, or you have any fireplace or chimney needs, call us at 609-802-5288. Mercer County Chimney Services operates in cities all across the county, including Plainsboro NJ, Ewing NJ, Hopewell NJ and Pennington NJ.