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Benefits of Wood Burning Fireplaces

With so many home heating options available, why do many people prefer a wood-burning fireplace over gas, pellet stove, or other method? In this post, we look at the benefits to burning wood as opposed to other fuel sources.

Wood Burning Fireplace, Trenton, NJIt’s Inexpensive to Operate

Many homeowners opt for gas fireplaces over wood because they’ve been told it’s cheaper to operate; however, this isn’t always the case.

Wood is easier to get than oil or gas, and it’s not subject to the same market fluctuations, making it less expensive and more price stable in the long run. You can save even more money if you cut and season the wood yourself if you have the time and don’t mind putting in a little work.

It’s More Authentic

Sure, gas fireplaces have gotten incredibly realistic over the years, but they still can’t compete with an authentic wood fireplace. Listening to the crackle, watching the embers, and inhaling the distinctive scent takes us back to primitive times when early pioneers and settlers gathered around fires to get warm, swap stories, and enjoy each other’s companies. Sitting around a real wood fire gives you the nostalgia and hearkens back to a simpler time you can’t get with oil or gas.

It Increases Your Home’s Value

A survey conducted by Angi in 2016 found that 70% of real estate agents said that a fireplace was a value- add, and 77% of home buyers would pay more for a home with a fireplace. So, if your home has a fireplace, consider it a perk. However, what if you don’t have one?

Well, you must consider whether it’s worth installing a fireplace based on what your home is worth. A fireplace can add around $5,000 value to a home, so consider the price of installation before taking the plunge because the value may be a wash or a negative depending on the cost.

It Gives Your Room A Focal Point

When you walk into a room that has a fireplace, your eye naturally gravitates toward it — it’s a home accessory unlike any other. Not only does the fireplace command the room’s attention, it provides a wonderful place for friends and family to gather around or for a couple to share a romantic evening together.

It Gives Heat During Power Outages

Many homeowners rely primarily on their furnace or heater to keep the house warm during winter and use their fireplace as a supplement. However, if your power goes out during a winter storm, you can still use your wood fireplace to keep part of the house cozy and your family safe, even during extended outages.

It Reduces Heating Bills

If you have a fireplace, you can lower your heating expenses by turning down the thermostat when making a fire, helping to reduce your electric or gas heating bills. And, because wood is an inexpensive fuel source, you won’t have to worry about robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Wood Burning Fireplace, Groveville NJIt’s Environmentally Friendly

Now, you might think, as many people do, that wood-burning fireplaces are worse for the environment than gas or other fuel sources, but consider this.

Wood is sustainable and renewable, and companies that raise and harvest firewood wouldn’t stay in business if they weren’t responsible about replacing the trees they cut down. Furthermore, compared to oil and natural gas, wood is much less labor-intensive to get and doesn’t release as much carbon dioxide, making it much more environmentally friendly compared to “alternative” fuel sources.

If you care about the environment, wood should be your go-to fuel for building a fire. As you can see, a wood burning fireplace is a home asset that’s practical, beautiful, and can save you money.

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