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Chimney Chase Top Repair

Chimney chase tops are not quite the same as a chimney cap. A cap only covers the flue of a chimney, whereas a chimney chase top covers the entire top of a chimney like the lid of a shoebox.

Chimney chase top repair in Hopewell NJChase tops are usually standard in modern, prefabricated builds that use a wood-framed chimney chase. Chase tops also can be used on masonry chimneys and are sometimes called a rain pan in this instance. No matter what type of chimney a chase top appears on, they are all designed to keep water from entering the chimney. The flat section or lid that covers the chimney chase comes with a chimney shroud, which extends up covering the flue top. This prevents water and debris from entering the flue. When chase tops are originally installed, especially in prefabricated builds, they are often made with inferior materials that only last about seven to ten years before becoming rusted to the point that they need to be replaced. Gaps or holes in the chase tops allow water into the chimney that can lead to expensive water damage.

Mercer County Chimney Services is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). You can trust our licensed, trained, and insured technicians to spot the problems with your chimney chase top and make the repairs or installations necessary to protect your chimney from further damage.

Damage to a chimney chase top can be easy to spot because rust from the cover can run down the sides of the chimney in rain, causing discoloration on the chimney’s surface. A rusted chase top needs to be repaired, as holes will start to appear, causing other issues.

chimney cahse cover installationWhen a chase top is damaged, water, debris, and animals can enter the flue and cause damage or blockages. Few things cause as much problems in a chimney as water. If water gets inside a chimney it can rust liners, or soak into the masonry. In the freezing and thawing cycles of the changing seasons, water can expand and contract causing the masonry of the chimney to fall apart. Water can also leak from the chimney into other parts of the home, such as the attic, ceilings and walls, causing warping, erosion and other types of expensive water damage. In the case of debris and animals, both can cause blockages within the flue as animals build nests and twigs and leaves build up. Blockages prevent the chimney from doing its job of venting smoke, leaving your home vulnerable to dangerous gasses. These issues are why damaged chase tops should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Chimney Chase Top Installation

When it comes time to install a chase top, there are many types of materials to choose from. Copper is a popular metal to use in chase tops, as it does not rust, is of high quality, and many homeowners like how it looks on their chimney. It is, however, usually the most expensive option. The strongest material is stainless steel, and it does not rust either, but there are less expensive options available. Aluminum is resistant to rust like copper and stainless steel are, but aluminum lacks the durability of the other metals and is likely to be damaged in severe weather. The least expensive option is usually galvanized steel, which is a sturdy material but prone to rust. Galvanized steel chase tops usually need to be replaced in a few years due to rust.

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