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Chimney Crown Water Damage Repair

Chimney crown repair in West Windsor NJOne of the greatest threats to the health of a chimney is water. There are many parts of a chimney system designed to protect it from water damage, and one of the most important elements is the chimney crown. The crown is the topmost section of the chimney structure; a solid masonry top that covers the chimney walls like a roof for the chimney. A crown is not the same as a chimney cap, as a cap covers the flue opening and is usually separate from the masonry. The crown, on the other hand, is designed to prevent moisture from seeping into the chimney walls.

Cracks can appear in a chimney crown over time, especially during freezing and thawing cycles. A damaged chimney crown leads to damage to the rest of the chimney. Water will seep in through cracks leading to water marks on the ceiling of your home, or dripping in the fireplace. Water damage in a home is expensive to repair, so it is best to prevent this from ever happening in the first place. Chimney crowns can often be sealed, but sometimes rebuilding is needed. Either way, a repaired crown will prevent water damage problems in the future.

Mercer County Chimney Services has been operating in the area for over ten years and can be trusted to take care of your chimney crown needs. We are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), and you can trust our licensed, trained, and insured technicians to spot the problems with your chimney crown and make the repairs necessary to give you peace of mind.

Chimney crown repair & chimney leak repair

Chimney Crown Waterproofing

In the instance of only minor cracks to the chimney crown, a waterproof sealant may be the only thing that is needed. Cracks will first be filled with a patching material, with the waterproof sealant going over this. The sealant is air-permeable, allowing the structure to breath, but keeping moisture out. A sealant can give your chimney crown new life and keep it functioning properly for years.

If it becomes clear that your chimney crown has suffered more significant damage, the crown will probably have to be rebuilt. This is the case when the section has missing and broken pieces or the crown lacks structural integrity. Chimney crowns are rebuilt using cement instead of mortar, which is more water-resistant. Metal and stone are also sometimes used in the structure of a chimney crown. After the crown is rebuilt, water repellent is used to make the structure moisture resistant. A properly constructed chimney crown is slanted away from the flue like an umbrella to direct water away from the chimney and keep it from pooling.

If you have any problems with your chimney crown, chimney leaks, or any other chimney issues, call us at 609-802-5288. Mercer County Chimney Services operate in cities across the county, including Chesterfield NJ, Allentown NJ, Bordentown NJ and Princeton NJ.