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Chimney Brick Repair & Masonry Repair

Chimney masonry repair in Hightstown NJWeather and the elements are powerful forces that can do plenty of damage to chimneys over time. As years go by, the masonry of a chimney structure can become damaged. Bricks can erode or even fall out (a symptom known as spalling), and this damage will only grow worse over time. Mercer County Chimney Services provide all of the brick and masonry repair your chimney needs, including chimney crown rebuilding, tuckpointing, firebox repair, chimney rebuilding and more.

It is important to have chimney repair handled by professionals to ensure that your damage is fully taken care of. Our founder, Raymond Bond, has over 30 years of experience in the chimney, masonry and fireplace business. You can trust our team of fully licensed, trained and insured professionals to take care of all of your chimney needs including brick and masonry repair.

Brick and mortar damage can cause serious problems. Any cracked or broken sections within the chimney allow the intense heat of burning fuel to make contact with the home’s building materials, creating the risk of a house fire. The chimney structure might even become compromised by the damaged masonry to the point of eventual collapse. In order to safeguard against these dangers, it is important that your chimney undergoes an annual inspection, and that any problems found are taken care of promptly.

Chimney Masonry Crown Repair

The chimney crown is the top portion of the masonry that acts as a sort of concrete roof for your chimney and keeps water from puddling and seeping into the masonry. A cracked crown enables moisture to enter the chimney and home, leading to expensive water damage to the chimney, as well as attics, ceilings and adjacent walls. Sealing or rebuilding cracked crowns is necessary to protect your chimney from water damage.

Chimney Masonry & crown repairSometimes water can seep into masonry, expanding and contracting in the changing seasons. This can cause damage to the mortar or create spalling. Holes in the masonry created by missing mortar or broken or missing bricks can be patched up with a process called tuckpointing. This involves replacing mortar and filling gaps to restore the integrity of the masonry.

Fireboxes are the structure around where the actual fire is, and as part of the masonry, they can also suffer from deteriorating mortar joints or damaged bricks. If a damaged firebox is not rebuilt with fire bricks and high temperature refractory mortar, the heat from the fire can escape and make contact with the combustible materials of your home. In order to protect your house and loved ones from the dangers of fire, make sure that your firebox is intact.

When damage to a chimney is beyond that which can be repaired, the only option is to completely rebuild entire sections of the chimney. Sometimes the entire chimney must be rebuilt. This is in the case of a collapsed or leaning chimney. Such an expensive repair job should only be handled by professionals.

If you have a chimney that has damaged masonry, call us at 609-802-5288 for professional chimney repair that you can trust. Mercer County Chimney Services operate in cities across the county, including West Windsor NJ, East Windsor NJ, Pennington NJ and Plainsboro NJ.