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Chimney Leak Detection & Leaking Chimney Repair

Chimney leak repair in Robbinsville NJWater is one of the strongest forces of nature, and homeowners should be aware of the damage it can cause if it leaks into the home. A leaky chimney can be a path that water takes, the signs of which could be water stains on the walls around your fireplace, water collecting in your attic, a puddle in your fireplace, or moisture on the chimney base.

A leaky chimney can cause substantial damage to your home, and the cause of the leak might not be easy to pinpoint, as many things could be the problem. Leaks should be fixed immediately, as the damage they can cause to your home only increases over time. If signs of a chimney leak appear in your home, our certified experts at Mercer County Chimney Services are available to help.

Below are some leaky chimney repairs that can be done.

If your chimney lacks a cover, it is susceptible to rain pouring directly into it, as well as animals such as squirrels and birds nesting inside. Chimney caps are inexpensive and easy-to-install, but you may wish to hire one of our professionals to determine what size cap is required for your chimney.

A chimney crown is made of cement and is placed on top of the chimney structure to surround where the flue enters the home. Ice and water can crack a crown over time. A damaged crown will allow rain and snow access to the clay tiles of the flue liner. Cracks in the crown should be repaired immediately to prevent water damage. Our professional chimney sweeps will clean and apply new cement to damaged crowns so that this is no longer a worry.

Metal flashing is installed where your roof and chimney meet in order to keep water away from the mortar of the chimney. Without the flashing, water can reach the gap between the bricks and the roof and leak into your home. The flashing is fairly easy to install and is critical to prevent water damage to the roof and chimney.

Having no liner or having a damaged liner can cause excess condensation to soak into the bricks of your chimney. This can cause a leak when the moisture builds up. Many older homes have chimneys with either a liner of an incorrect size or simply no liner at all. Installing the correct liner can fix this problem.

Leaky chimney repair in Lawrence Township NJ

The masonry, both bricks and mortar, of a chimney has similar problems to the crown in that freezing and thawing over time can weaken them to leaks. Our technicians can help you decide how to repair a chimney with damaged masonry. Waterproofing can also be done to the chimney.

Damage caused by leaky chimneys can be subtle, and you might not realize that there is an issue with your chimney. A chimney inspection can be exceedingly helpful in rooting out any problems with your chimney, including leaks. Mercer County Chimney Services is certified by Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). Our techs will be able to spot difficult-to-notice leaks & moisture damage.

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