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Common Masonry Repairs in the Summer

You probably think of swimming, Fourth of July fireworks, and family vacations when you think of summer. Your masonry chimney is perhaps the last thing you would think of when considering summer, but you should. Why? Summer is the time when you aren’t using your fireplace, which makes it ideal for inspections and repairs. Here are some common masonry repairs in the summer.

Chimney Repair Princeton, NJTuckpointing

Summer is a great time to have your masonry chimney inspected and repaired. After Mercer County Chimney Service has examined your chimney, we can undertake any number or type of repairs. One of the most common repairs done in the summertime is tuckpointing.

The mortar used to fill joints can deteriorate from exposure to rain, snow, wind, and sun, even if the bricks hold up against the elements. How do you repair damaged mortar joints? Tuckpointing is the solution. Tuckpointing removes deteriorated, damaged, and missing mortar between brick, block, stone, and other masonry surfaces. The wall is then prepped by removing the mortar joint from the wall and replacing it with new mortar. Adding new mortar can be done through various methods: a diamond blade on an angle grinder, a minute demolition hammer to beat the joints, or a steel raker bar to yank the joints off. Once the joints are removed, the wall is either wet, brushed, or blown to rid the joints of dust and debris, giving it the highest bond between the new mortar and existing brick.

Chimney Crown Repairs

A vital part of your masonry chimney is its crown. It is exposed year-round to the sun’s rays, heat, cold, rain, snow, dew, and ice. It’s no wonder that a chimney’s crown can crack over time. Even the strongest chimney crowns will require repair at some point. Water can find its way into your chimney from the top down and cause mortar to wear away and bricks to crack. Filling in or recasting your chimney’s crown is imperative to the whole structure of the chimney. Our chimney sweeps know how to make the repairs correctly so that your crown will last for decades to come and extend the life of your chimney.

Firebox Repairs

Perhaps the most frequently used part of a fireplace is often the most ignored. Both heat and caustic chemicals will disintegrate the masonry. You ignore damage to the firebox at your peril. It will allow high temperatures to impact the wood in places like your house’s ceiling and walls, ultimately leading to a dangerous fire. Harm to the firebox could also impair airflow through the flue, lowering its efficiency, and toxic gases can find their way into your home, including carbon monoxide, a “silent killer” due to its being odorless, tasteless, and invisible. Repair to a firebox is also achieved by using the tuckpointing method.

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This Summer, Mercer County Chimney Services Can Inspect and Repair Your Fireplace

Don’t put off inspection and repair until the frigid winter months. Mercer County Chimney Services can repair your fireplace during the mild summer months, ensuring you will be warm in the winter.

Call us now or fill out our simple contact form, and we can discuss repairing your fireplace. A member of our professional and knowledgeable team will be happy to set up a time when we can inspect your masonry fireplace and chimney. Don’t wait until the first fall freeze to get your fireplace squared away!