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Why Your Damper Should Work Year-Round

Now that summer is here, you probably won’t think about your fireplace until the leaves start turning and the temperature drops. But it’s essential to ensure your damper works throughout the year, and in this post, we’ll tell you why. What is a Damper? The damper is a device that keeps cold air out when... Read more

Why Choose A NFI Pro

Many folks in Princeton, NJ, and surrounding Mercer County townships are upgrading an inefficient masonry fireplace and creating an outdoor living space with a new heating appliance like a fireplace, insert, or stove. Mercer County Chimney is your local NFI PRO Certified dealer for EPA-Certified indoor and outdoor heating appliances for your home. These new... Read more

The Chimney Vents More Than The Used Or Unused Fireplace

You may not realize it, but the chimney of your home is involved with so much more than the fireplace. In fact, it is essential for the proper venting of your home’s heating system including the furnace, boiler, and water heater, too. Appliance Venting The heating system could be even more important than the fireplace.... Read more