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The Chimney Vents More Than The Used Or Unused Fireplace

You may not realize it, but the chimney of your home is involved with so much more than the fireplace. In fact, it is essential for the proper venting of your home’s heating system including the furnace, boiler, and water heater, too.

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The heating system could be even more important than the fireplace. After all the appliances involved in the heating system assure that there is hot water when you take a shower or bath and that the interior of the home remains cozy. It is working unnoticeably every minute of every day.

The furnace, boiler, and hot water heater involve a combination of fuel, air, and ignition that produces the combustion that heats the air in your home and the water you bathe in. Commonly, it is natural gas that fuels the heating system. The combustion of one cubic foot of natural gas requires more than 10 cubic feet of air to assure a sufficient amount of oxygen

Incomplete combustion causes carbon monoxide. A toxin, it can cause health problems for yourself and your family if allowed to concentrate in your home.  However, if the heating appliance receives the proper amount of oxygen to complete combustion, then carbon dioxide is produced instead. The less complete the combustion, the greater the amount of carbon monoxide and the less heat produced for the home. An adequate draft ensures that enough air is pulled into the appliance for combustion.

stainless steel chimney liner replacement east windsor njAll Chimneys Need To Be Ventilated

It is imperative to have your chimney inspected regularly to assure that it is venting properly. If an inspection discovers a problem, then it needs to be repaired immediately. The flue vent lining must be in proper working order and good drafting or venting must occur inside the chimney.

The National Fire Protection Association urges that every chimney include a liner. The liner should be made of stainless steel because it is safe, durable and will not corrode.

Inspection Of The Chimney Is Essential For Proper Heating System Operation

It is essential that a competent chimney maintenance and repair company inspect your chimney regularly to ensure that the fireplace and heating system operate properly.

Mercer County Chimney Service, located in Hamilton, New Jersey, has a staff of technicians that has the knowledge, skill and experience to inspect your chimney to assure that both the fireplace and heating system is working properly. If they discover a problem they will repair it.

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