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Certified Chimney Sweep In Pennington NJ – Stove & Fireplace Repair

Chimney service company in Pennington NJ

Throughout Pennington NJ, Hopewell Township and surrounding towns, Mercer County Chimney Services’ fully licensed, trained, and insured technicians are providing the best professional chimney services available. Throughout the region we provide chimney rebuilds, fireplace and stove installations, chimney inspections, chimney sweeps or cleaning & any other chimney services that you'll require. No matter where you live in Mercer county, you can trust our quality service as members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) & certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

Furnace flue Repair in Pennington NJ & Hopewell Township NJ

Furnace Flue Inspections and Repair

Furnace flues may not build up as much particulates as a fireplace chimney, but it is still a good idea to have your furnace flues inspected in case there is a particle build up or damage. Acidic condensate is something that can deteriorate the inside of a furnace flue, and a cleaning can get rid of this problem. Utility companies and fuel providers do not maintain furnace flues, so homeowners that wish to ensure the efficiency of their furnace flue need to hire chimney sweeps to do this. If you own a home in Pennington NJ or Hopewell Township NJ, our technicians can inspect, clean, and repair your furnace flue to make sure all of the gasses released by your furnace vent properly.

Chimney Inspection in Pennington NJ

Chimney Inspections

Not only are chimney inspections recommended annually for anyone who uses a chimney in their home, but chimney inspections are also required in New Jersey whenever buying or selling property. For either of these reasons, if you are in need of a chimney inspection in Pennington NJ or Hopewell Township NJ, our technicians are more than capable of handling the job. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) defines three levels of chimney inspections, and our technicians are trained in all three of these methods. Without an inspection, it may be impossible to spot the damage deteriorating in your chimney before it becomes a serious, costly problem.

Chimney sweep & chimney cleaning in Hopewell Township NJ

Best Chimney Cleaning In Pennington NJ

Anyone using a chimney in their home should have their chimney swept annually to prevent fire hazards and keep the chimney venting efficiently. Chimneys in Pennington NJ and Hopewell Township NJ are in need of cleaning, as they build up creosote and debris that block the passage of smoke. The chief cause of chimney fires in the U.S. is creosote catching fire in a chimney, a disaster that can easily be prevented by a professional cleaning. The other danger that can occur if a chimney is not cleaned is smoke and gasses being backed up because of chimney blockage. The worst-case scenario is lethal carbon monoxide escaping into the home because it was unable to vent.

Chimney repair in Pennington NJ

Chimney Repairs

Mercer County Chimney services can handle any repairs that your chimney might need. We take care of masonry repair and rebuilding, chimney cap repair or installation, chimney crown repair, chase top repair & replacement, liner installation and many other chimney services needed in Pennington NJ, Hopewell Township NJ and surrounding communities. Many issues can arise in a chimney if not repaired, and repairs are essential to ensure that your chimney is venting smoke properly and is not letting water into the house to cause water damage.

Chimney Leak repair in Pennington NJ

Leaky Chimneys

In Pennington NJ, Hopewell Township NJ and the rest of Mercer county, a chimney’s greatest enemy is water. If water is allowed to seep into the bricks, it can damage the masonry, and water in the flue can rust liners and even enter adjacent walls, ceilings and attics, causing damage to the rest of the house. This can lead to expensive repair costs if leaks are not stopped immediately. Our technicians can coat chimneys with air-permeable waterproof material to ensure no water is seeping into bricks. We also repair and install chimney caps to keep water out of the flue, and we repair flashing that keeps water out of the gap between the chimney and the roof. To prevent expensive water damage, make sure leaks are stopped before they become worse.

chimney rebuild in Hopewell Township NJ

Chimney Rebuilding

Brick and mortar masonry chimneys in Pennington NJ and Hopewell Township NJ deteriorate over time and are in need of repair. Mortar can crumble and bricks can fall out, and in these cases tuckpointing is needed to repair the mortar of the chimney. Sometimes, chimneys have deteriorated past the point of simple repairs, and entire sections of the chimney need to be rebuilt. Mercer County Chimney Services’ licensed, trained and insured technicians are capable of providing this service.

freestanding stove installation in Pennington NJ


Fireplace and Stove Installation

Mercer County Chimney Services offer a wide range of fireplaces, inserts and stoves for installation in homes within Pennington NJ and Hopewell Township NJ. Both wood and gas inserts and stoves are available, fitting whatever needs you might have. Whether you are looking for the comfort of a traditional fireplace or the modern heat efficiency of an insert or stove, we have an appliance that is right for you.

Call Mercer County Chimney services at 609-802-5288 for chimney repair, cleaning, fireplace or stove installation, or any other chimney and fireplace needs. You can depend on our over 30 years of experience in the chimney, masonry and fireplace business to take care of your every chimney need.