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Chimney Sweep In Trenton NJ – Fireplace & Stove Repair & Installs

chimney service in trenton nj

In Trenton NJ and its surrounding suburbs, Mercer County Chimney Services’ fully licensed, trained, and insured technicians can be found inspecting, cleaning and repairing chimneys. Our service trucks travel across the county providing fireplace and stove installations, chimney cleaning, chimney rebuilds, chimney inspections and any other chimney service that homeowners need. Our service is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and we are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), so you can trust that our service is the very best available.

Chimney liner repair in Trenton NJ

Chimney Repairs

Many issues arise in chimneys all throughout the suburbs of Trenton NJ and the rest of Mercer County. Our technicians are trained to handle any type of chimney repair you may need, whether that may be masonry repair or rebuilding, liner installation, chimney cap repair or installation, crown repair, chase top repair or replacement or any other repair your chimney system your chimney requires. It is critical that these repairs be made to ensure your chimney isn't leaking water into the home & is venting smoke & gas as it should.

chimney rebuild in Trenton NJ

Chimney Rebuilding

Brick and mortar chimneys throughout Trenton NJ and its suburbs are in need of repair. Mortar can become cracked and compromised, causing bricks to fall from the face of the chimney. In these cases, tuckpointing can be done to repair mortar without any more work being done. However, if a chimney has deteriorated to the point of no return, it becomes necessary to completely rebuild entire sections of the chimney.

Leaky Chimney repair in Trenton NJ

Leaky Chimneys

The biggest enemy of chimneys in Trenton NJ and the surrounding communities is water. Chimneys can be a source of water damage for the whole house, as a leaky chimney can allow water to seep into adjacent walls, ceilings and attics causing costly damage. Of course, chimney leaks can also cause plenty of damage to the chimney itself, deteriorating the masonry and rusting the chimney liner. To prevent this, our technicians can apply an air-permeable waterproof coating to your chimney. We also repair leaks and replace chimney caps and flashing to stop water from entering the structure.

Chimney Inspection in Trenton NJ

Chimney Inspections

All homeowners who use a chimney in Trenton NJ and the surrounding area should have their chimney inspected annually. Our technicians are capable of performing all three levels of chimney inspections as defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). An inspection is critical to spot damage that may be deteriorating inside of your chimney without you realizing it. Not only are inspections helpful, but in the state of New Jersey, chimney inspections are required whenever buying or selling property. For whatever reason you need an inspection, our licensed, trained and insured technicians can handle the job.

Chimney sweep & chimney cleaning in Trenton NJ

Chimney Cleaning

One of the most important services we provide in the area of Trenton NJ and the rest of Mercer County is chimney cleaning. Chimney sweeps are recommended annually for the safety of your home. Creosote buildup is the chief cause of chimney fires in the U.S., and this is a problem that can easily be prevented with a cleaning. Other debris both from the smoke and from objects falling into the flue can cause blockages in the chimney that prevents proper ventilation. Carbon Monoxide can even build up if unable to vent, entering your home and posing a risk to your family. To prevent these damages, make sure your chimney is cleaned annually.

freestanding stove installation in Trenton NJ


Fireplace and Stove Installation

If you are looking to add a new fireplace, stove, or fireplace insert into your home, Mercer County Chimney Services offer a wide variety of options to those living in the area of Trenton NJ and the rest of Mercer County. We offer both wood and gas inserts and stoves to fit any taste. It is easier than you thought to purchase a new fireplace and have it installed.

Furnace repair in Trenton NJ

Furnace Flue Inspections and Repair

Many people living in the area of Trenton NJ do not realize that furnace flues can build up particulates and are in need of repairing just like fireplace chimneys. Furnace flues are not maintained by the utility company or the fuel provider, but you can rely on Mercer County Chimney Services to handle the job. Furnace flues may not build up as much particulates as a fireplace chimney, but acidic condensate can build up and erode the lining of the flue. Our technicians can clean your furnace flue and repair any acid-based damage that may have been created.

If you are in need of a chimney cleaning, chimney repair, fireplace installation or any other chimney service, call us for more information at 609-802-5288. You can depend on our over 30 years of experience in the chimney, masonry and fireplace business to take care of your every chimney need.