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Why You Should Upgrade Your Fireplace Instead of Replacing It

Is your fireplace old, inefficient, and tired-looking? If so, you’ve probably considered replacing it, but we’re here to tell you to hold that thought because there are good reasons to consider upgrading it instead. Here are some reasons to upgrade your fireplace instead of replacing it:

Gas Fireplace Installation in Robbinsville, NJIt’s Cheaper to Upgrade

The cost of everything is rising, and there’s no end in sight. So, as much as you might want a new fireplace, it’s important to save money where you can. Upgrading a fireplace is typically less expensive than a complete replacement. For example, if your fireplace looks old and needs a facelift, upgrading it with new materials or a mantel is friendlier to your wallet than installing a new one.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Most people love a roaring fireplace but don’t want to face that fireplaces are generally less energy efficient than other heating systems. And the older your fireplace is, the more money you lose in wasted energy. However, while new fireplaces are much better at heating, upgrading a fireplace with an insert transforms it into an energy-efficient appliance that rivals its competitors. Installing a fireplace insert in an old fireplace can boost its energy efficiency by up to 70%.

Improved Aesthetics

Sometimes, all it takes to change a room’s look completely is a few aesthetic tweaks, and your fireplace is one area where you can get creative to make an old room feel new again. You can choose numerous materials and styles depending on your budget and taste, such as tile and stone finishes, to give your fireplace a unique look.

Top Fireplace Upgrades

Now that you have good reasons to upgrade your fireplace instead of replacing it, here are some of the most common to get your creative juices flowing.


As mentioned, if you have an outdated masonry fireplace, you’re losing significant energy through the chimney. Installing an insert is one of the first upgrades people choose because it’s much more energy efficient and produces a cleaner, more controlled burn, which means less smoke and creosote buildup. Fireplace inserts come in various styles and fuel sources, such as gas, wood, pellet, etc.

Adding New Materials

Installing a new mantle is an excellent way to give your fireplace a new appearance and doesn’t have to break the bank. Like inserts, mantels come in various styles and materials, such as marble, stone, or wood, and you can spend as little or as much as you want to make your old fireplace look new again.

Fire Screens

Another inexpensive upgrade you can make is adding a fire screen. Fire screens add visual style and improve safety.

Hearth Extension Upgrade in Hightstown, NJ

Hearth Extensions

Lastly, many homeowners opt to add a hearth extension, a raised platform extending beyond the firebox, giving you a barrier between the fire and the rest of the room. Hearth extensions aren’t just decorative; they prevent sparks and embers from popping into the room and igniting flammable objects.

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