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How To Maintain A Chimney Over Summer

Summer is a time for relaxing, enjoying the quiet time with family and friends. Yet, it should not be the time to let your guard down. The weather has been mild. Heavy rain and snow have dissipated. Don’t let chores and maintenance around the house build up. This is the prime time to take care of your chimney. If you wait too long to book your inspection, maintenance, or repairs, you may be left out in the cold. It may take upwards of 7 weeks to book a chimney sweep in the fall and early winter. So consider calling now!

Chimney and Fireplace cleaning in Hightstown, NJOff-Season Chimney Care

Clean out your fireplace

Before anything clean out your fireplace of old ash. Wipe the glass down. This is an easy task to do on your own. You can also call a professional to take care of it for you. Creosote may have built up over the fire-burning season that is harmful if unattended.

Close your damper

The summer weather is approaching and you will be using your air conditioner more often. You won’t want the cool air to escape up your chimney and out of the house. This will save you on you electric bill.

Check your entire chimney

Take a walk outside and observe any wear and tear. Keep an eye on the chimney cap and crown. The sooner you identify a crack or chip the less expensive it will cost to repair. If repairs are needed, now is the time to contact a masonry specialist. During the winter months, the weather can cause the mortar to crumble or loosen.

Book an inspection and do it early

Chimney sweeps are very busy as we get closure to the fall and early winter. Calendar yourself every year to book your inspection and chimney sweep in the spring.

The spring is a good time for maintenance. Whether it is in your yard, your house, or your chimney itself. The time is now for any upgrades as well. It is the perfect time to upgrade your liner, firebox, and doors.

Options for upgrading your fireplace

There are new and innovative ideas in design and efficiency. Here are a few ideas for upgrading your fireplace.

  • Update your fireplace stonework. There are many options out there to bring your fireplace aesthetics updated.
  • Higher efficiency venting system.
  • Inserts for your fireplace. This may benefit you in lower heating costs as well as heat circulation.

Professional Chimney Sweeping in Groveville NJ

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to contact a professional chimney sweep. They are the best to address any issues.

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