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How Summer Storms Can Affect Your Chimney

chimney damage, hopewell njYour roof isn’t the only thing you need to worry about during intense summer storms! Your chimney is also susceptible to widespread damage given the right storm conditions. While we often think about winter storms in Mercer County and across New Jersey, intense summer storms can also do a number on your home, leaving chimney damage in its wake. You might see anything from a mild shower to a tornado during a New Jersey summer. Here are the things to look out for after a large thunderstorm and what you can do to prepare your home’s chimney to withstand even the most intense weather systems.

What a Storm Can Do

Outside of typical water damage such as mildew, mold, peeling paint, water stains, and rotting wood support, a large storm can wreak havoc. Here are some of the things that we see most often after heavy rainfall:

Flashing Damage:

The joints between the chimney and the home can be damaged. This is a big problem because this is where leaks begin, and homeowners often don’t notice them until it becomes a problem.

Chimney Crown Damage:

The crown is what seals the very top of your chimney. Strong winds can cause this crown to unseal, leaving your chimney exposed to moisture, debris, and even animals. If not installed correctly the first time, even a mild storm can cause issues with your chimney’s crown.

Chimney Cap Damage:

The cap of your chimney works in conjunction with the crown to need the flue covered. It lets smoke and hot air vent but provides an extra layer of protection against water and other things that can cause damage. In a summertime storm, these have been known to be blown away with high winds. They are also very susceptible to damage.

Masonry Leaking:

The masonry that makes up your chimney can also be a prime target for damage during an intense summer storm. Especially if you haven’t been doing regular maintenance, your bricks are more likely to absorb excess water.

Structural Damage:

If a storm is strong enough with strong winds and heavy rainfall, it could even cause your entire chimney to slant. You may also fine collapsed sections of the chimney or a deteriorating liner. These are all advanced symptoms of prolonged damage.

chimney inspection, pennington njStorm Damage Prevention

The best way to keep your chimney safe in extreme weather conditions is through yearly inspections with your CSIA certified chimney sweeps. At Mercer County Chimney Services, we highly recommend inspections of your entire chimney system regularly so that you’re never surprised with significant system failures.

We offer three levels of chimney inspection:

Level 1: Cleaning and interior and exterior chimney system and component inspection

Level 2:  Everything from Level 1 plus an in-depth assessment of every chimney component with the assistance of a specialized camera.

Level 3: Everything from Level 1 and 2 plus the removal and inspection of the components allows for the best understanding and access to the entire system.

Need Chimney Help?

If you have worries about the condition of your chimney from a recent storm, give Mercer County Chimney Services a call today at 609-802-5288 to book an inspection.