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Spice Up Your Fireplace For Fall

Fall is a great time to decorate our homes. The bright yellow, orange, and red hues of our various home decor transform our living spaces into something warm and cozy, even if the temperatures are still relatively warm. While decorating your home, you might wonder if there is any way you can “spice up” your fireplace for fall. As it turns out, there is — these are our top seven ways tips to get you started.

Mantel Decor, Robbinsville, NJTake your mantle up a few notches (just not literally!)

We’re not recommending that you physically move your mantle. Rather, it’s the best way to incorporate fall decor into your home’s wood-burning fireplace. From garlands to miniature pumpkins and more, there are endless possibilities to add to your mantle for fall.

Customize your fireplace screen

A pumpkin spice latte has spices and flavorings that take it up a notch, making it the perfect seasonal drink for this time of year. Likewise, another way to spice up your fireplace for fall is by customizing your fireplace screen. “Season it” with a customized option, such as a beautiful leaf pattern.

Add an andiron

Andirons are a time-proven staple sitting inside of your firebox. Why not consider adding a seasonally appropriate one? Many companies offer andiron options with fall-related designs that can complement any decorating style.

Or add a few firebacks

Cast iron firebacks are yet a fourth and often-overlooked way to spice up your fireplace for fall. These incorporate creative patterns or fall-themes into them. You can easily install these, which provide the added benefit of amplifying the heating from using your fireplace. Be sure to ask your Mercer County Chimney Services technician about the best way to incorporate seasonal firebacks into your fireplace system.

Use a hearth rug

Your hearth might universally match any decor, but you can take it up a notch too with a hearth rug. These can be muted tones to blend in seamlessly or bright and bold to help make a statement. Either way, be creative with this option.

Use candles

Candles amplify anything and are yet another great way to spice up your fireplace for fall. Just be sure that they’re not near anything flammable and that you don’t leave home with a candle still burning. The last thing you want is to deal with a waxy mess when you return home.

Professional Chimney Inspection, Hopewell, NJAdd a few pumpkins

Naturally, we don’t mean you should add real pumpkins to your firebox. Rather, various online retailers provide fireproof ceramic decor. Imagine a Jack-O-Lantern lit up by a real fire and you’ll be on the right path.

Spice up your fireplace for fall after an inspection

As some of these home decorating tips involve some planning, thought and effort, we want to encourage you to add one more item to your list. That, of course, is to spice up your fireplace for fall after having a proper chimney sweep and inspection. That way none of your decorations get in the way of your technician and they can ensure your system is in tip-top shape for the fall.

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