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We Will Find The Source Of Your Chimney Leak

You may not know it, but chimney leaks can be a major source of water damage to your chimney. There are certain signs to be aware of to determine if your chimney is suffering a leak. These include a musty smell in the proximity of the fireplace, water dripping into your firebox, mold or peeling of the ceiling paper or paint, and mold or peeling wallpaper around the fireplace.

Most Chimney Leaks Are Due To the Freeze-Thaw Cycle

chimney crown repair, hopewell new jerseyPerhaps the most common source of chimney leaks is rainwater or moisture that soaks into the brick and mortar of the chimney. When the water freezes in the winter, the mortar and brick expand. When the ice thaws in the spring, the mortar and brick constrict. As the cycle occurs through the seasons, the brick or mortar can crack and cause structural instability.

Another reason for leaks is cracks or damage to the chimney cap or crown, which sits on top of the chimney to protect against outside debris or moisture from getting in.

Another problem that can cause a leaky chimney and roof is flashing. This occurs when water gets into the joints where the chimney meets the roof. This particular area is covered with layered and staggered metal to form a shield against water. Severe winds or cracks caused by weathering can cause damage to the area, which leads to leaks.



Call A Professional To Repair The Leaks

Fixing chimney leaks is a complicated venture if you attempt to do it yourself. It is advised that you call a professional chimney repairer to come to your home to tackle the job.

Repairing the chimney requires at least two people because of safety issues and to assure good communication. Communication between the workers is done through cell phones or walkie-talkies.

The task is complicated further because there are a number of tools necessary to make the repair. For example, two water hoses with shut-off nozzles need to be fed into the chimney from the roof. Also required is a roll of clear plastic that’s long enough to wrap around the chimney a few times.

How Professionals Repair A Chimney Leak

Chimney leak source, hightstown njTo tackle the job, one professional chimney repairman is stationed on the roof and the other is inside the house. The job begins when the plastic is wrapped around the chimney about half an inch above the place where the chimney meets the roof. The wrap continues up another 18-inches or so. Water is then run from a hose on the roof into the chimney. The professional in the home examines the interior of the chimney for water penetration and marks the spot with a marker or crayon.

If no leak is identified, then the hose is moved up a little bit at a time while water pours from it. This is repeated until all leaks are found. Once the inspection is completed, the professional technician inside the house repairs the identified leaks and can also waterproof the chimney to prevent future leaks.

Mercer County Chimney Services To The Rescue

Avoid the hassle of doing the repair yourself and call Mercer County Chimney Services in Hamilton, New Jersey. We service all of Mercer County when it comes to chimney cleaning, chimney repair, and chimney inspections. We also offer fireplaces and fireplace accessories, and we have the expertise to install each of the products we offer.

Call us and we will send knowledgeable technicians to your home to examine your chimney for leaks, identify the leaks, and repair them.

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