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Is Your Chimney Leaning?

Leaning chimney can be very dangerous. This indicates a more serious issue that could be related to your house’s structure or foundation. Although this may not always be the case it is the most likely cause of a leaning chimney. Let’s discuss what may cause leaning in chimneys, the risks, and how you can fix a leaning chimney.

chimney inspections in Groveville NJStructural issues with the soil or footing

If the ground or footing surrounding your chimney is not stable it could create the perfect environment for your chimney to shift. An unstable foundation is the leading cause in chimney shifting.

The quality of your chimney

A chimney that is not properly built from the start risks structural damage. Over time the structure could begin to lean because the masonry is not strong enough to support it


We often discuss that water is a chimney’s worst enemy and that is no different when it comes to a leaning chimney. If water damage is allowed to continue the masonry becomes damaged to the point where the structure itself may begin to collapse. As the brick and mortar decays through the freezing cycles of the winter the structure becomes less and less sound, which can easily lead to a leaning chimney.

Masonry Damage

As we mentioned above masonry damage can easily lead to a chimney leaning and eventually collapsing. The longer masonry damage goes unchecked the more dangerous the chimney can become if it is leaning, crumbling, were deteriorating in any other way.

Warning signs of a leaning chimney

While it may be obvious by looking at your chimney that it is leaning, it may not always be clear to the naked eye. If your chimney is not leaning to the point that it is noticeable simply by looking, that does not mean you are in the clear. Let’s talk about a few of the warning signs that your chimney is beginning to lean.

Gaps between the chimney and the house

If you can see any type of crack or gap between your chimney and your house that is a clear sign that your chimney may be beginning away from the structure.

Damaged flashing

Chimney flashing is a metal sheet that is attached to both the roof and the chimney at the place where they meet. If your flashing has come loose this could be a sign that your chimney has shifted and may be beginning to lean.

masonry repairs in Princeton NJFixes for a leaning chimney

Having your chimney inspected regularly can help you spot signs of damage or leaning before they become severe. The professional chimney sweep can perform the necessary repairs to prevent further damage and possibly save your chimney before it leans so far that it may collapse. Masonry repairs can help reinforce the structure of your chimney.

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