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A Working Fireplace and Chimney Can Increase Home Value

If you are considering selling your home or you just want to increase its value, then don’t neglect the fireplace and chimney. A fireplace is something that many prospective homeowners would cherish.

damaged chimney flue, ewing township njEven though the interior of the chimney is out of sight, it can be damaged or missing a major component that could affect its safe use. And that could affect the value of your home. Moreover, some forms of damage can appear on the exterior of the chimney that is in plain sight of a prospective buyer inspecting the home.

Problems that you should consider include:

  • Missing mortar and damaged bricks
  • Missing fireplace damper
  • Damaged flue
  • Improper construction
  • Exterior signs of deterioration

Missing Mortar And Damaged Bricks

Missing mortar or damaged bricks could be the result of moisture that has gotten into the mortar or brick that freezes during the winter months and thaws during the warmer months. This cycle can cause mortar and bricks to crack. This can result in a fireplace that is unsafe to use or just plain looks unappealing.

Repairing the problem is not as difficult as one might think. Damaged bricks can be cut out and replaced and the mortar can be chiseled out and filled in.

Missing Fireplace Damper

If your home is old, then over time the damper plate or frame can corrode, warp, or be damaged so badly it can’t be used. Fireplace dampers are made of cast-iron or steel that can rust when exposed to moisture due to rain, snow, or leaks. Should this occur, then the damaged damper should be replaced with a top-sealing damper. This will assure a tight seal between the damper and the sides of the chimney and will prevent cold air from escaping the home during the summer months and hot air from escaping during the winter months. This could save you hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling bills. Moreover, this is something that a potential buyer of the home would cherish. A non-working damper can be easily replaced.

Improper Construction

An older house can suffer from wear and tear due to continuous battering of weather over time. Construction mistakes can also occur that could cause the improper building of the chimney’s smoke chamber or the misplacement of a fireplace/chimney component. In addition, fireplace/chimney components can be knocked out of alignment. These problems can also be repaired as long as the problem is discovered or observed. There is no need to tear down the entire chimney or fireplace.

Exterior Signs Of Deterioration

damaged chimney repair in trenton njAn old chimney can show signs of deterioration, which would include wet bricks, white mineral stains, corrosion, damage to wallpaper or drywall due to leaks caused by damage to the chimney crown. Often this deterioration can cause a bad odor. These issues can be handled simply with regular maintenance of the chimney and fireplace, waterproofing the bricks, and the placement of a chimney cap that will prevent rain from getting into the chimney. Deteriorated mortar can be repaired and damaged chimney bricks can be replaced.

If you are considering selling your home and preparing it for inspection by prospective buyers, then you should give the staff at Mercer County Chimney Services a call at (609) 802-5288.

Our staff of technicians is knowledgeable about anything that pertains to chimneys and fireplaces. We will send a technician to your home to inspect your chimney and fireplace for problems discussed here. If he finds issues, he is skilled in performing any and all repairs that are necessary.