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How To Get Soot And Ash Out Of Carpet

Ash from your fireplace can be messy, especially if it makes its way to your carpet by accident. Getting ash out of your carpet may seem like an impossible task, but we’re here to help! Follow these steps in order to successfully remove ash from your carpet and keep your space sparkling. 

getting ash and soot out of your carpet in Hightstown, NJVacuum Up the Excess Ash

Vacuuming up loose ash will help remove the bulk of the mess before you can really get into the stain left behind. Remove as much ash as you can and be sure not to rub or wipe up the ash before removing the excess to avoid spreading the stain more. Rubbing the area will not only spread the stain making a bigger mess, but it will ush the ash deeper into your carpet making it much more difficult to clean.

Apply Baking Soda

Applying baking soda and allowing it to sit for about at least one hour will help to soak up the odor left behind by the ash. After the baking soda has had time to work its odor absorbing magic on the stained area, you’ll want to repeat the vacuuming step, still being careful not to rub the ash in further.

Rubbing Alcohol

Using a white cloth (it is crucial that the cloth is white to avoid potentially creating a bigger mess) apply rubbing alcohol and gently dab or blot the area. For the best results you’ll want to press and hold for a few seconds, then check for any black residue on the cloth. Residue will indicate that the process is working! Continue to blot the area using clean sections of the cloth each time until the stain has been soaked up.

Once More Over with Your Vacuum

Once you have completed all the steps, allow the area to fully dry and repeat the vacuuming step with you vacuum set to its highest suctioning power to ensure that all ash, soot and left over baking soda is removed from the carpet. 

fireplace and chimney cleaning in Trenton, NJ

Some stains can be tougher than others depending on the carpet texture and the age of the stain. Following these steps for removing an ash stain from your carpet offers the best chance of fully removing the stain and restoring your carpet.

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