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Why Gas Fireplaces Need Servicing

If you’ve ever been in the market for a home fireplace, you are probably aware that there are two styles from which to choose. One is wood burning. The other is gas.  Many opt for the gas fireplace because it is perceived to be cleaner than the alternative and it can be turned on instantly. The gas fireplace is considered to be cleaner because it does not create ash or smoke that a wood fireplace does.  One might think that such a fireplace needs no servicing. Actually, that’s not true. In fact, even gas fireplaces need to be serviced.

Thinking of Skipping Gas Fireplace Cleaning?

gas fireplaces, princeton njAlthough it is true that a gas fireplace does not create creosote on the walls of the chimney, soot can collect on the walls. Soot is highly corrosive and if left unattended, it can damage the metal lining of the chimney resulting in leaks. The leaks could permit carbon monoxide into your home.

In addition, birds have been known to nest in chimneys and other critters and debris can block the chimney. This can prevent deadly gas byproducts from evacuating from the fireplace through the chimney and into the outdoors.

The gas fireplace itself also needs cleaning to assure that the components work properly. Over time, pieces of ceramic logs, dust, and debris can get into the gas system’s components causing them to malfunction and perform inefficiently. The system could even stop working.

If your gas fireplace and chimney are not cleaned frequently, then carbon monoxide can leak into your home, posing a health risk to you and your family. Other issues that could occur include the burning of more gas than necessary, and, as noted, stop the system from working altogether.

How Often Should My Gas Fireplace Be Cleaned?

It is suggested that you have your gas fireplace cleaned at least once a year. Mercer County Chimney Service, located in Hamilton New Jersey, provides chimney and fireplace products and accessories as well as services that include cleaning a gas or wood-burning fireplace as well as chimney repairs and inspections.

gas fireplace cleaning, robbinsville njIf you call us to service your gas fireplace, a Mercer County Chimney Services technician will come to your home and clean and dust your entire fireplace including removing the old logs. He will then use high-powered brushes to scrub the soot off the chimney walls. He will inspect the gas fireplace components including the gaskets, blowers, pilot light, the chimney connection, the chimney itself, and the door glass and seals. If he determines that these items need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced, he will do so.

We can set up a yearly appointment and before the day arrives remind you that a cleaning has been scheduled. Our technician will appear at your home on the appointed day to provide the service.

Our staff is skilled and knowledgeable in all facets of fireplace installation, repair, inspection and maintenance. If you have any questions contact us at our website or call 609-802-5288. We will be glad to answer any questions you might have.