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Do I Need A Chimney Cap?

Having a chimney as the weather starts to cool down is a cozy and comfortable addition to any home. But, if it’s not in perfect condition, it may make for less-than-ideal conditions. If you find yourself having issues with water, debris, or even unwelcome critters, your chimney cap may be the culprit. While this is only one possible solution for this, it’s likely the easiest to fix so let’s take a closer look. And yes, you do need one. 

chimney cap installation in Lawrenceville NJWhat is a chimney cap?

A chimney cap is a vital part of a chimney that is found at the very top of the chimney. They go over the very top hole of the chimney and are usually made of steel or copper mesh. The material varies, but many different options exist so it matches your chimney’s look and feel, and most importantly, is compatible. The correct fit is vital to block the rain and draft.

Signs of a Damaged or Missing Chimney Cap

A missing chimney cap can mean big issues for homeowners if it’s neglected for too long. It’s possible and even likely that your issues may be linked to several issues. However, a chimney cap is a good start if you’re experiencing any of the main issues outlined below.

If your chimney cap is destroyed or missing, you may experience…

  • An entryway for unwanted object 

This can include animals and debris. When there are storms, the wind can dislodge the cap and even damage it. If this happens, it’s a free access point for birds, squirrels, or other small critters. In addition, without the protective layer, you may experience leaves, sticks, or other storm debris finding its way inside your chimney. 

  • Excess moisture

Any moisture finding its way inside your chimney can be potentially damaging. However, if your chimney cap is damaged and a storm hits, you may notice pooling water or excessive moisture. This can lead to mold and expeditated breakdown if neglected. 

  • Increased fire risk

As fires burn, sparks can travel up the chimney. Chimney caps are vital to mitigate fire risk, as they help to block sparks from exiting your chimney. This is important as it can lead to burning up branches close to your chimney. Spark guards can also help this, so it’s important to keep these two things functional and in place.

chimney inspections in Pennington NJCall Mercer today!

Keeping your chimney cap in place and functional is important not only for maintenance and cleanliness, but also for the long-term structural integrity. If you’re wondering how you can make sure your chimney cap stays in the best shape, it’s best to schedule regular maintenance and upkeep. Our professionals at Mercer County Chimney Services can help. 

If you suspect you have issues with your chimney cap or are unsure of the issues, our experienced team at Mercer County Chimney Services can provide timely, reliable services. If you’re in Hamilton, NJ or Mercer County, call us at 609-802-5288 to set up an appointment