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What To Do with A Closed Off Fireplace 

Do you own a decades-old home from early last century or older with a sealed-off fireplace? Do you want to bring new life to that antique hearth? Here are a few suggestions about what to do with a closed-off fireplace.

remodeling a fireplace that is not in use in Ewing Township NJInstalling Shelves in Your Closed-Off Fireplace

One of the simplest yet most effective transformations for a closed-off fireplace is installing shelves. This is a great way to manufacture additional storage space or an area to display decorative items, books, or even a collection of art. Measure the dimensions carefully and consider the weight of items you plan to store, to choose the right materials and supports. The shelves can be made from wood for a warm, traditional look, or glass for a more contemporary feel.

Tiling Over Your Closed-Off Fireplace

For those who prefer a cleaner, more unified look in their living space, tiling over a closed-off fireplace can provide a sleek, modern aesthetic. You can choose tiles that match your room’s color scheme or go for something bold and patterned to make a statement. This approach not only covers the unused fireplace but also turns it into a focal point of the room.

Using Your Closed-Off Fireplace for Storage

Utilizing the sealed-off fireplace for storage is a practical solution for the ever-present need for more storage space in our homes. Place baskets or containers inside the fireplace to neatly store anything from toys and games to blankets and pillows. This keeps your items easily accessible yet out of sight, maintaining a clutter-free environment. Choose containers that complement your room’s decor for a cohesive look.

Putting a Screen Over Your Closed-Off Fireplace

If you’re not keen on making permanent changes, placing a decorative screen over the fireplace can be an excellent option. Screens come in various designs, from ornate metal works to simple and modern wood designs, allowing you to choose one that fits your home’s style. This method is particularly effective for those who want to hide the unused fireplace but keep the option open for future use or restoration.

Turning Your Closed-Off Fireplace into a Library

For the book lovers out there, converting a closed-off fireplace into a mini library is a dream come true. This can be as simple as stacking books inside the space or installing small shelves to organize them better. It’s a unique way to store and display your books, turning the fireplace into a conversation starter.

repurposing your closed off fireplace in Trenton, NJTo Sum Up

A closed-off fireplace doesn’t have to be a wasted space in your home. With a little creativity and effort, it can be transformed into a beautiful, functional part of your living space. Whether you install shelves, tile it over, use it for storage, put a screen over it, or turn it into a library, each option provides an opportunity to enhance your home’s design and utility. So, take a look at that old fireplace and imagine the possibilities – it might just be the project you’ve been looking for. 

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