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Protecting Yourself from Chimney Sweep Scams

Having work done on your chimney requires putting your trust in a professional. Because this industry provides a service that most homeowners are not familiar with, it can be easy for scammers to take advantage of their lack of knowledge to make a quick buck.

chimney scams in Hightstown, NJ

These scammers use scare tactics, pushy sales, and more to swindle you into paying for services you don’t need or even services they never intend on performing on your fireplace or chimney. Let’s talk about some of the most common chimney scams to watch for and how you can protect yourself and your home.

Four Common Chimney Scams


This is a common technique used by companies or individuals looking to trick you into spending far more than you anticipated on services you likely don’t really need. Often times, an alleged “chimney pro” will offer you an unsolicited inspection or cleaning, only to then push extensive repairs for supposed damage “discovered” during the service.

Scare Tactic: “Urgent Repairs”

When a company is pushing major repairs for damages that will supposedly put you in serious danger if not resolved immediately, it is possible that these damages are not real, or at least not as serious as they’re stating. This tactic is meant to leave you afraid without much time to think through your decision before agreeing to a costly repair.

False Credentials

Another common scam is claiming to have certifications or credentials they don’t possess. The way to avoid this is by taking the time to research any company you are considering hiring for a service in your home.  A trustworthy company will have their credentials clearly listed on their site or be prepared and willing to show proof if asked.


Ghosting is what we call the instances where a company pushes a service and demands up-front payment or deposit, only to leave you hanging when it comes time for the service.

chimney cap repairs and installations in Groveville NJHow To Know If You’re Hiring A Trustworthy Company

Always research any company before agreeing to a service. Find reviews from real customers, explore their site to see their credentials and services they offer, or ask friends and neighbors for recommendations.

Doing your research can save you money, protect your chimney, and even protect you! Hiring the wrong company is a mistake that can jeopardize your wallet and your safety as they may provide inadequate service or repairs that can leave your fireplace or chimney worse than before and unsafe to use.

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