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Signs You Need a Chimney Restoration

Your chimney takes a beating from the high temperatures produced by your fireplace and the constant exposure to harsh weather. And because it’s made from masonry materials, it’s bound to wear out, especially if it hasn’t been well-maintained. In this post, we look at the most common signs that your chimney is crying out for attention and when is the best time to schedule it.

Damaged Chimney Crown in Chesterfield Township NJFractured Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is a shield that protects the bricks from water infiltration and damage. Because it’s the first line of defense against weathering and moisture, it’s typically the first component to suffer. Crown damage typically occurs during cold weather, during the freeze/thaw cycle, which causes masonry materials to expand and contract, leading to cracks.

Once tiny cracks form, it’s only a matter of time before they worsen, allowing more water to get in, leading to the issues mentioned above, like mold and decay.

Water Seepage

A leaky chimney is a significant red flag signaling your chimney is in bad shape and needs repairs. Rainwater seeping into your chimney brings unwanted moisture into the house, causing mold and mildew growth. Moreover, water seeping into the bricks and mortar joints can cause deterioration, leading to structural decay.

If you’ve noticed excessive moisture around your fireplace, a sudden increase in mold and mildew, or musty odors, there’s a good chance it means your chimney has water damage.

Deteriorating Mortar Joints

Mortar joints are the glue holding your chimney together. Repeated exposure to snow, ice, water, and temperature changes leads to water saturation and joint deterioration. Once mortar joints begin deteriorating, the only way to stop it is with repairs, like tuckpointing.

Broken Tiles

Most chimneys have clay flue liners, which wear out over time. If you notice flakes from the flue liner in the firebox, the liner is deteriorating and needs replacing immediately. Flue liners facilitate better airflow and protect your chimney and home’s combustible materials from getting too hot and catching fire.

Spalling Bricks

Like mortar joints, bricks wear out through constant soaking. If you look at your chimney and see bricks flaking, peeling, or crumbling, you have a serious problem requiring immediate attention. Ignoring spalling bricks could lead to them becoming dislodged, leading to a total chimney collapse.

When is the Best Time for Chimney Restoration?

So, you’ve recognized the signs of chimney damage and want to schedule repairs. Great! But when is the best time?

Experts recommend scheduling chimney restoration and repairs in late spring or summer, and here’s why.

Better Weather Conditions

Summer provides optimal weather conditions for chimney repairs and restoration. With clear skies, warmer temperatures, and longer daylight hours, it’s easier for professionals to complete the work. Moreover, certain repairs require warm weather for proper adhesion and bonding, making it more durable and longer lasting.


It’s typically safer for chimney technicians to work on the roof during warm, dry weather. Snow, ice, and rain are challenging and dangerous situations, so contractors prefer working in the spring and summer to reduce accidents.

Faster Completion

We mentioned longer daylight hours above, but it bears repeating. If you have a challenging repair, summer gives you a greater chance of getting it done faster, thanks to more daylight. A repair that may take two days in late fall or early winter can typically be done in a day during the summer. If your contractor charges by the visit or the hour, this can save you money.

Possible Discounts

Most chimney professionals see their business dip during summer because most people wait until the last minute for chimney cleaning and repairs.

Chimney Masonry Repairs in Groveville NJ

Because of this, many contractors offer significant discounts or coupons to drum up business during summer, which you can take advantage of to save money on restoration or repair work.

Easy Scheduling

As mentioned, chimney contractors get busy in late fall and early winter, when everyone schedules chimney sweeping and repairs to prepare their fireplace for winter. This can make getting an appointment for you challenging, something you won’t have to worry about in spring or summer.

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