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Potential Chimney Problems From Bad Weather

Your chimney is one of the highest points of your home and can be susceptible to increased wear and tear. Especially when severe storms come, it is important to remember to check your chimney for potential damage. High winds, heavy rain, and/or lightning can cause many different issues and damage to your chimney. Performing a visual inspection can help you identify those potential issues. Below are some of the things that are important to keep an eye on in bad weather and year-round.

new chimney cap replacement, ewing njChimney Cap

Chimney caps are coverings at the top of your chimney. They are usually made from steel and copper mesh and help protect your chimney from water damage. Damage to the attic, interior walls, and ceilings can occur from this. They usually hold up well in rough weather but can become damaged in severe storms. If you notice your chimney cap missing or damaged call the professionals at Mercer to help. This is a problem that will only grow worse over time, so our experienced chimney technicians should come out to seal or rebuild your damaged crown quickly.


You should also check for any cracks in the masonry or any chips of masonry on the ground close by. If you notice any cracked areas, it could be an indicator of structural damage. You will also need to check for any missing bricks as this can be an indicator or a structural issue as well. High winds, heavy rainfall, or debris can create cracks or even expand the ones already there. Cracks are so damaging because they allow moisture to get in and can weaken the foundation and internal structures. If you use the fireplace with these damaged bricks it can increase the chances of a house fire. It is important to tackle this repair quickly with professional help.

chimney flashing repair, lawrenceville njFlashing

One of the most common places that leaking occurs after a significant storm is the flashing. Roof flashing is a thin piece of steel that is used to direct water away from critical areas of the roof. It is imperative to assess this part of your chimney regularly. If the flashing is not in working order, water and debris brought in by a storm can make their way into your roof and cause deterioration. To prevent moisture damage in your home, make sure the flashing is functional throughout the year. Any moisture damage in a home can become a much more expensive problem and flashing helps you avoid that.

Professional Chimney Repair and Inspection

If you have had serious storms in your area, now is the time to assess your chimney for damage. Early repairs and timely chimney inspections by experienced professionals can save you time and money. Ignoring your issues will only cause more extensive damage. If you have chimney or fireplace concerns call Mercer at 609-802-5288. We would love to help get your fireplace and chimney back in working order.