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Why You Should Have Chimney Leaks Repaired Immediately

Water is no friend to your home. Any leak can be a recipe for rot, mold, and damage to walls, ceilings, and fixtures. If you see moisture or water leaking from your chimney, contact Mercer County Chimney Services. The sooner, the better. Water damage may or may not be seen by the bare eye. It is crucial to have a chimney inspection every year to keep up with any damage that may occur. Identification is the most important thing to avoid any significant costly problems.

Chimney Mold Growth and Water Damage in  Allentown NJWhat Can Go Wrong?

By avoiding a leak in your chimney, many issues can happen. Let’s discuss the damages that can be avoided if proper attention is taken.

Mold Growth

Wherever there is water, be certain mold comes next. It is vital for the health of your family to clean mold if it does accumulate. If you see a leak and try to fix it with sealant without letting the area dry out, you will have mold growth. Be sure to make sure that an area is dry before trying to seal a leak. Better yet, contact Mercer County Chimney Services. They can take care of the mold.

Ceiling, wall, and floor damage

Water tends to travel. You may see a leak in your ceiling, thinking there is a leak in the roof. But it is from the chimney, and the water flows downward to a spot in your ceiling. Water can also travel from your chimney downward. Causing considerable damage to the walls and sheetrock.

Chimney Structure damage

Masonry is compromised when water hits it regularly. If the water is flowing over your chimney, the masonry is going to crack and deteriorate. This will cause a compromise in the structure of your chimney. Flaking, cracking, and even chipping will occur. The compromise of the chimney can lead to leaning and eventual home structure damage.

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What Should I Do?

Please don’t ignore it! Water leakage from your fireplace can cause very costly repairs. Watch for signs of water damage. You may see discoloration of the bricks, water in the firebox, or rust on the fireplace doors or the grate. If you think that you have water damage, contact Mercer County Chimney Services. Our technicians are trained in anything chimney.

Enjoy the ambiance of a warm fireplace or stove in the cooler months. Rest easy that your chimney system and venting are working properly. Safety is a primary concern regarding Annual Chimney Inspection and Cleaning. Lack of proper maintenance can result in chimney fires. We are the experts when it comes to chimney repairs. We can also help with chimney liners, chimney cleaning, chimney caps, chimney crowns, and more.

You can also trust the licensed and insured technicians at Mercer County Chimney Services to install new fireplaces, stoves, and inserts for the most efficient heating value.

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