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The Effects Chimney Fires Have On Your Chimney

Chimney Fire Prevention, Princeton NJ

Chimney fires are common occurrences and, though they may go unnoticed, they can be highly destructive. A poll was recently conducted by a chimney safety council, and the results were staggering. Busy chimney sweeps typically see one-to-two fire-damaged chimneys on a daily basis. The results of the poll indicated that in a single metropolitan area, there could be as many as 9,000 chimneys unknowingly damaged by chimney fires.

Effects of a Chimney Fire

A safety feature built into chimneys is that they are designed to contain chimney fires and protect the home. Even when a chimney is properly constructed, however, there is a likelihood that a second chimney fire would spread into the home because of damage that occurred in the first chimney fire. Unfortunately, the damage caused by a chimney fire is frequently unseen and goes unnoticed.

Flue Damage

Any type of damage to the flue requires repair or flue replacement. This means that even a tiny crack renders a flue ineffective. When a flue is affected by a chimney fire, on the other hand, the damage is likely far more serious than a small fracture. Without an intact flue, a fire in your hearth appliance could result in a dangerous house fire, exposure to toxic fumes, or both.

Smoke Chamber Damage Etc.

Chimney fires often affect the smoke chamber area. The intense heat creates smoke chamber expansion, which often causes breaks in the facial wall of the fireplace. During chimney inspections, chimney sweeps examine all sides of chimneys in easily accessible areas, such as the attic, looking for any fresh breaks that may have been caused by expansion. Major and minor breaks are potentially related to a chimney fire that has occurred. An example of a break is the breakage of the bonds between bricks and mortar.

Homeowners are rarely aware of these types of damage that result from an undetected chimney fire. This is just one of many reasons why annual chimney inspections are so important. Using a chimney that has damage caused by chimney fires is extremely hazardous.

Signs There Has Been a Chimney Fire

Chimney fires can lead to devastating home fires. Any of the following can be a sign that a chimney fire has occurred:

  • Cracks in the exterior masonry
  • A heat-damaged satellite dish or television antenna
  • Creosote inside the flue looks puffy or honeycomb-like
  • You see cracked or broken pieces of flue tile
  • Flakes or shards of creosote are around the roof, in the firebox, and/or on the ground outside
  • Metal components are warped, such as a metal damper, a flue liner, factory-built chimney, or a smoke chamber connection pipe
  • Roofing material is damaged or looks melted

Chimney Fire Statistics

Approximately 25,000 or more chimney fires occur every year that result in more than $120 million in homeowner property damage. Thousands of injuries and some deaths are caused by chimney fires each year, as well.

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