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5 Advantages of a Fireplace Insert

Gas Fireplace Insert install in Hightstown, NJA fireplace insert offers several advantages, especially for homes with a traditional masonry fireplace. They offer all the benefits you want in a fireplace experience, but with a lot less pollution and creosote. They are also available in your choice of fuel, including wood, gas, and pellet. So, changing the fuel source is as easy as selecting the appropriate insert. And fireplace inserts are also an inexpensive way to install a wood-burning, gas, or pellet fireplace in a home that was initially built without a fireplace or in a living space that is too small for a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Here are five advantages that a fireplace insert offers:

Increase Efficiency

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that a traditional fireplace is not very efficient for home heating. As much as 85% of the heat is lost through the chimney, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). But you can flip that around with a fireplace insert.


Fireplace inserts are self-containing heating appliances that retain nearly 90% of the heat it generates, making it extremely efficient for home heating. And that higher heating efficiency translates into less fuel consumption and lower energy costs.

Reduce Pollutions

Fireplace inserts burn cleaner with less waste and pollution. An EPA-Certified fireplace insert produces 4 grams per hour of pollution or less, depending on the type of fuel. It burns hotter, too, with less waste, ash, and soot. On the other hand, a wood-burning fireplace releases 20 times more contaminants into the atmosphere than a fireplace insert. And since inserts produce much less creosote, they are safer to operate and easier to clean and maintain.

Fireplace Makeover

Upgrading an outdated fireplace can be costly, especially if it is in a state of disrepair and unusable. A distinct advantage of fireplace inserts is that they fit directly inside the firebox of an existing masonry fireplace and connect to your existing chimney. Plus, fireplace inserts are available in many different styles and designs and fuel options. It’s a simple and affordable way to give an outdated or dilapidated fireplace an instant makeover.

Fuel Conversion

Natural Gas Fireplace insert Installation In Princeton, NJ

Fireplace inserts are available in your choice of fuel, including wood, pellet, and gas. It’s an easy way to convert your fireplace from one source of fuel to another. So, if you want to convert an existing gas fireplace into an authentic wood-burning fireplace, or vice-versa, you can do it with a fireplace insert.

Your Home Doesn’t Have a Chimney

Many homeowners want to install a wood-burning or gas fireplace in their home, but don’t have a chimney.  And in many smaller homes like townhouses and condos, there isn’t enough wall space for a traditional fireplace. Ventless or vent free fireplace inserts are an excellent option because they can don’t require a chimney. Also, zero-clearance (ZC) inserts are constructed with a steel firebox, allowing them to be installed right up against a wood-frame chase. Some ZC models can even be installed in mobile homes.