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Chimney Sweep Service | Lawrenceville | West Windsor

We offer a full range of Chimney Sweep Services in West Windsor, Princeton and Lawrenceville areas of New Jersey. Our friendly, Certified Chimney Techinicians will always arrive on time and leave your home clean when they finish the job.

When your chimney is dirty and clogged with debris ranging from animal nests and leaves to a thick coating of flammable creosote it can hurt the performance of your stove or fireplace and create a real safety hazard too. This is why we recommend Annual Chimney Inspections and regular cleaning of the flue and chimney system. Safety inspections for buyers and sellers are provided in a timely manner so you can move forward with your real estate transaction.

If you notice a bad smell from your chimney, freshen it up with a thorough chimney cleaning. Don’t risk high carbon-monoxide levels and creosote build-up inside your chimney. Chimney care can also include fixing chimney caps, masonry damage, crumbling mortar, broken cement chimney crowns and leaking chimney chase caps.


When you suspect that your chimney may have storm damage or just plain old wear and tear, call the chimney experts at Mercer County Chimney Services to inspect and repair as needed. We never sell our loyal customers anything they do not need, and alway advise them honestly about the best way to go. Cement chimney crowns are at the very top of the chimney and homeowners may not be aware of the cracks and opening that may be letting water in. We can sometimes seal the crown or if necessary rebuild it completely. Water is the biggest enemy of your chimney system and if not remedied quickly will alway get worse. Chimney flashing around the bottom of your chimney where it meets the roof is another area that needs to be water tight. The brick itself can also be waterproofed in a way that will help reduce the porousness of older brick. Loose of cracked bricks and weak mortar joints are a sign that your chimney needs some serious attention!

More than just cleaning and inspecting your chimney system, we can also install proper Chimney Liners by relining the flue with a stainless steel flexible liner. We sell new chimney chase covers and install them as well. Chimney dampers, chimney caps and firebox repairs are all part of our services.