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Groveville NJ Chimney Repairs, Maintenance & Inspection

Groveville NJ Chimney company

Mercer County Chimney Services has over 30 years of experience providing residents in Groveville, Hamilton Township, Bordentown, Fieldsboro, Chesterfield Township, and the surrounding areas with top-rated chimney repair, and inspection, cleaning, and maintenance services.

Our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, so you can rest assured you're getting the service you can trust.

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Groveville Chimney Cleaning Service

Your fireplace makes your home cozy and inviting on cold winter nights and adds value. However, owning a fireplace comes with responsibilities like routine maintenance and cleaning. The sad part is that many homeowners don't schedule regular chimney & fireplace maintenance, which puts them at risk of serious issues like carbon monoxide poisoning and fire.

Here's why experts recommend hiring a professional for regular chimney and fireplace maintenance.

Protects Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas dubbed a silent killer because it's responsible for killing more than 500 people every year. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, "Heating systems were associated with the second largest percentage of non-fire carbon monoxide poisoning deaths in 2017. Twenty-two percent were associated with some type of heating appliance."

When your chimney is blocked by animal nests, creosote, and debris, it can cause carbon monoxide to flow back into your house, and many people don't notice they have a problem until it's too late. Routine chimney inspection detects blockages and removes them to keep your family safe.

Increased Heating Efficiency

Another problem stemming from a blocked chimney is poor venting. If your chimney doesn't vent properly, your fire won't burn efficiently, making it frustrating to use.

Protection Against Chimney Fire

When you burn wood, it creates a byproduct called creosote, which sticks to the flue's walls. Over time, this substance builds up and thickens into a tar-like coating, which reduces the amount of airflow and puts you at risk of a chimney fire. Creosote is highly flammable, and it only takes a single spark or ember to ignite.

Call Mercer County Chimney Services and speak to one of our certified technicians about scheduling a cleaning service call to protect your family and ensure your chimney and fireplace run efficiently in your Groveville home.

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Chimney Inspections

Aside from routine chimney cleaning, it's essential to schedule annual inspections, and here's why.

Your chimney is exposed to harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures, which take their toll, causing damage. Over time, minor cracks worsen, leading to loose mortar joints, brick spalling, and leaks. Also, when you're selling or buying a home with a fireplace and chimney, you're required to perform a level 2 inspection to ensure the entire system is safe for use. Our expert technicians are certified to perform all three levels of chimney inspections as defined by the National Fire Protection Association to detect damage or other issues that can affect your safety.

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Chimney Leaks In Groveville

Moisture damage is one of the most common problems chimney owners experience, especially in Mercer County. Brick, concrete, and mortar are highly porous and absorb water easily. When water enters, it freezes during winter, causing it to expand and form tiny cracks in the bricks. Over time, these tiny cracks worsen, allowing more moisture to get in, and the process continues until you have a significantly damaged chimney.

A routine chimney inspection is essential for spotting these minor issues and repairing them before they get out of hand. To protect your chimney against leaks, we offer superior waterproofing services and chimney cap installation to keep rainwater and debris away and to protect against damage.

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Fireplace & Stove Installation

If you want the warmth and satisfaction that comes from a fireplace or stove but don't have one, we have a variety of fireplaces, fireplace inserts, and stoves to choose from. Whether you're looking for a traditional fireplace or a stove, we have the perfect heating solution for you.

Whether you need chimney cleaning, maintenance, or repairs, you can count on our certified technicians and 30 years of experience to handle it all. Contact us today to book an appointment at