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Furnace Flue Cleaning & Flue Repair In Ewing Township

furnace flue inspections in Ewing NJ
As with any venting system in your Ewing, NJ, home, your furnace flue needs periodic professional cleaning, repairs and maintenance. Mercer County Chimney Service brings more than 30 years’ experience to furnace flue cleaning and repair projects to ensure that your furnace works safely and optimally.

furnace flue repair in Ewing NJ

Dangers of a Dirty or Damaged Furnace Flue

Our technicians regularly find particulate buildups in our Ewing Township customers’ furnace flues. The more the buildup, the more the impairment of safe venting. Because your utility and fuel companies don’t maintain furnaces, you need an expert furnace flue cleaning and repair service you can trust.

When the flues connected to furnaces accumulate particles and can’t vent properly, the air in your home can be subject to deadly carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. This also can happen if you have damage to your furnace flue that allows gases to seep out into other parts of your home.

Gas furnaces pose unique concerns including acidic condensate that eventually can begin eating away at the lining of your flue. This is a common problem with both oil and gas furnaces and should not be allowed to continue for any length of time.

Mercer County Chimney Service provides Ewing homeowners with complete furnace flue repairs all year long.

Chimney Sweeps Also Clean Flue Furnaces

Chimney sweeps traditionally clean creosote and soot out of fireplace chimneys. We also are trained to safely and thoroughly clean furnace flues with specialized equipment that allows us to do our job correctly.

Our venting technicians carry industry certifications through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and our company is a long-standing member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. You should trust only experienced service personnel for furnace flue cleaning and repair. Never allow a novice or “handyman” to perform this work.

furnace flue cleaning in Ewing Township NJ

Furnace Flue Inspections

It’s a smart idea to have your furnace and its flue inspected once a year. With annual inspections, we can spot early signs of damage or malfunction and quickly get to work to remedy the problem.

When installing a new furnace and connecting it to an existing flue, it’s critical to have the system inspected to make sure the flue is compatible with the new appliance. Inspections also should be performed when you’re converting a furnace from wood to gas and during most real estate transactions.

furnace flue inspection

Flue Repair throughout Ewing NJ

We can repair any damaged furnace flue and get you back to safety and optimal performance. Cracked or broken flues not only can pose a danger to your Ewing Township home and family, they can cause you to waste money on home heating. Efficiency and performance are always the name of the game.

Call the Furnace Venting Experts in Ewing NJ Today

Mercer County Chimney Service not only provides chimney cleaning, repair, and inspections for chimneys but also for furnace flues throughout Ewing Township. We care about your safety and your family and will always go out of our way to deliver prompt service any time of year. You don’t have to live with a dangerous or suspicious furnace venting issue – we know how to solve the problem the right way.

You can learn more about our Ewing Township furnace flue repair and furnace flue cleaning services or schedule an appointment by calling (609) 802-5288.