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Gas or Wood Fireplaces – Which Ignites Your Style? 

So, you want to include a fireplace in your home. You and your family are trying to make an educated decision. What type of fireplace do you want installed? You have narrowed it down to gas burning vs wood burning.  Our technicians at Mercer County Chimney Services are experienced in both. We will be happy... Read more

How To Get Rid Of The Fireplace Smell

Your fireplace is a great source of ambiance and heat during those chilly winter nights, but have you ever noticed a strange odor coming from your fireplace? Perhaps this smell occurs right after burning a fire or only after rainy days. Mercer County Chimney would like to help you discover what could be causing that... Read more

The Environmental Impact of Using a Fireplace 

In today’s climate, everyone seeks methods to maintain their health. This pertains to dietary choices, the fuel used in vehicles, and even the type of fireplace one should consider owning. The health and well-being of your family is of the utmost importance. If you can make a difference, then why not? A fireplace is one... Read more

Best and Worst Types of Wood For Your Fireplace

Did you know that not all firewood is the same? The way it burns, the chemical by-products, and the properties of the wood differ from one type to the next. These elements can contribute to how hot the fire burns, the smoke it emits, and even the level of maintenance required to maintain a safe... Read more