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What To Do If Lightning Strikes Your Chimney

Your fireplace’s chimney is most likely the high point of your house. The highest point in an area is where lightning will usually strike. That means your chimney is at risk from a bolt of lightning doing extensive damage. And the damage a lightning strike can do is substantial. A single lightning bolt has the... Read more

Preparing Your Fireplace During the Summer

It’s summer, which means warm temperatures and lots of time spent outside; it also means that you won’t use your fireplace until the chilly nights return in Autumn. So how do you prepare your fireplace for use in the summer? Here are some helpful tips that will keep your fireplace in good shape until you’re... Read more

Should I Close My Fireplace For the Summer?

Summer is here and it’s time to kick back and relax by taking vacations, getting out into nature, or simply enjoying life in the backyard. Since your fireplace doesn’t get used during summer, you may wonder if you should close it for the summer. In this post, we’ll answer that question and give tips on... Read more

101: The Basic Components

Your chimney is an essential component to a healthy and efficient fireplace that requires yearly inspection, maintenance, and cleaning to keep it running efficiently and safely. However, if you’re like most homeowners, you don’t give it much thought until there’s a problem. However, familiarizing yourself with the basic parts of your chimney and their function... Read more

Avoid Summer Chimney Smells

Have you noticed that your chimney starts to smell a little funky during the summer months? You’re not alone – this is a very common problem that many homeowners deal with as the temperature rises. There are a variety of different things that can cause your chimney to have an odor. Here’s why your chimney... Read more

Common Masonry Repairs in the Summer

You probably think of swimming, Fourth of July fireworks, and family vacations when you think of summer. Your masonry chimney is perhaps the last thing you would think of when considering summer, but you should. Why? Summer is the time when you aren’t using your fireplace, which makes it ideal for inspections and repairs. Here... Read more

How To Hire The Right Chimney Sweep

Many people think chimney sweeps are a long-forgotten relic of bygone days, but nothing could be further from the truth. Chimney sweeps are thriving and in need more than ever because people want to properly maintain their fireplaces and chimneys to operate efficiently and safely. However, hiring a chimney sweep is like hiring any other... Read more

Why is Water Coming Through My Chimney?

Water entering your chimney isn’t just messy; it can cause significant damage leading to poor chimney performance and other issues. This article looks at why water enters the chimney, what kind of damage it can cause, and what you can do to protect yourself. Why Does My Chimney Leak? During heavy rain and snow, it’s... Read more

What You Need To Know About Chimney Repairs

Many people who own a fireplace become lax when it comes to chimney repairs, which puts them in danger of paying for expensive chimney repairs down the road. Constant exposure to the elements and heavy usage during the winter cause wear and tear, leading to the loss of the chimney’s structural integrity and putting you... Read more

How Freeze & Thaw Cycles Damage Your Chimney

We’re all familiar with how extreme winter conditions can get here in areas around New Jersey and the havoc it can wreak. Try avoiding all of those potholes on the roads once spring arrives, and you know what we’re talking about. And with extreme temperatures and precipitation, chimney damage – like a leaky chimney –... Read more